A mortgage company must hold a valid license in a given state in order to do mortgage loans in that state. Below is the list of state licenses for DAS Acquisition Company LLC

State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 21896 Consumer Credit License
Arizona 942577 Mortgage Banker License
Arkansas 103726 Mortgage Banker
Arkansas 103726 Mortgage Broker
California 41DBO-45971 Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
Colorado NA Mortgage Company Registration
District of Columbia MLB227262 Mortgage Lender
Florida MLD376 Mortgage Lender
Georgia 33479 Mortgage Lender License
Illinois MB.0006273 Residential Mortgage License (Originating Activity)
Indiana 33116 Mortgage Lender's License
Iowa 2012-0023 Mortgage Banker
Iowa 2011-0118 Mortgage Broker
Kansas MC.0025064 Mortgage Company License
Kentucky MC384747 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana NA Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maine 227262 Supervised Lender
Michigan SR0020177 Second Mortgage Broker License/Registrant
Michigan FR0021450 First Mortgage Broker License/Registrant
Minnesota MN-MO-227262 Residential Mortgage Originator License
Mississippi 227262 Mortgage Lender
Missouri 19-1869 Mortgage Broker
Nebraska NA Mortgage Bankers
New Hampshire 22640-MB Mortgage Banker
New Mexico NA Mortgage Loan Company License
North Carolina L-182040 Mortgage Lender
Ohio Mortgage Broker Act Certificate of Registration
Ohio MBMB.850291.000
Ohio MBMB.850291.000 Mortgage Loan Act Certificate of Registration
Oklahoma ML002654 Mortgage Lender
Oklahoma MB010815 Mortgage Broker
Oregon ML-5723 Mortgage Lender
Pennsylvania 67412 Mortgage Lender License
South Carolina MLS - 227262 Mortgage Lender
South Dakota Mortgage Lender License
Tennessee 111333 Mortgage License
Texas NA Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah 10600083 Mortgage Entity License
Washington CL-227262 Consumer Loan License
Wisconsin 227262BA Mortgage Banker License
Wisconsin 227262BR Mortgage Broker License